An evening of Music, Art & Process

On Thursday 31 May, GMR with Finbar McHugh presented Painting by Music in Nun's Island Theatre in partnership with the Galway Arts Centre. The audience entered a silent space and were given guidelines for the event. No talking, no clapping, no shoes! These 'rules' created a sense of quiet meditation, in which the audience could respond directly to the music they heard.

Following a silent demonstration from Finbar on how to use the materials, ConTempo began to play and the audience began to make marks in response with chalk pastels on six large purple canvases situated in a circle around the quartet. Starting with white and gradually adding colour, a landsape of patterns began to appear, developing, interacting and changing as the night went on.

Once the music stopped, it was revealed that the canvases were actually smaller pieces of paper bound together. These were unearthed to reveal multiple individual pieces of art, which the participants chose from to take home.

It was a truly magical evening of music, art and process, one that GMR, Finbar and hopefully our audience will remember for years to come.

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