The Art of ConTempo/raneous

On the 21st of September the Galway Music Residency in association with Dr John Kenny of the Creative Writing MA at NUI Galway, presented an evening of literature and music, the interactions between the two and the new art that was born out of a number of workshops between ConTempo and the MA students.

We would like to share a very special set of works from one of last year's participants. Julianne Elinor created the beautiful art pieces above to go with her poem below. We hope you enjoy! And do check out Julianne's instagram account for more:

in between rehearsals the quartet and composer talked

I wrote down what they said:

the ordinary note

I don’t think I know how it is going to work

but I pluck

and pluck again

and say


let’s go

If I ask you to slow down will you?

you are taking and taking

but I pluck again

and say


let’s go

Would you prefer more notes

and you say it’s open I suppose

I’m not sure what you mean

but I pluck again and say


let’s go

it isn’t a disagreement if we all sound the same

okay okay okay

very nervous

still gentle


and you say

maybe less gentle


it’s a swelling and shrinking thing

it’s the tip of the iceberg

everything you’re hiding in a way

the finish is only the smallest piece of it

I don’t want to look at where this ends

they were sitting too – I wasn’t alone.

still smiling as I walked out the door

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